AQUA ENGINEERING offers assistance in water treatment. We help to improve water quality for the needs of:

  • variety of industries,
  • public buildings,
  • drinking water and households.

Major AQUA ENGINEERING business include:

  • the choice and comprehensive implementation of new water treatment stations and facilities
  • design, construction and modernization of the hygienic storage and distribution systems – distribution loops – of purified water (PW, HPW, UPW, WFI), clean steam and pure steam (CS, PS) – applications dedicated mainly to the needs of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics facilities and laboratories,
  • service, development and modernization of existing treatment plants and installations,
  • maintenance, cleaning, passivation and sanitization of existing installations,
  • supply of consumables (membranes, respiratory filters, ion exchange resins, UV lamps, etc.), system components (eg. Gemu and Burkert valves, SIATA valves and controllers and many others) and the measuring apparatus (eg. TOC analyzers).

On request, we provide carrying out the qualifications processes (DQ, IQ, OQ).
We also deal with all kinds of water treatment, dosing and disinfection installations.

In our applications, we use the following technological processes:

  • mechanical, protective filtration,
  • filtration through catalytic beds,
  • filtration through ion exchange resins,
  • filtration through active carbon,
  • softening,
  • decarbonization,
  • demineralization on ion-selective resins,
  • desalination with RO membranes,
  • water disinfection methods:
    • physical (UV sterilizers)
    • chemical (chlorine dioxide generators, sodium hypochlorite dosing, sanitization).

In our applications, we also use booster pump sets and dosing systems from leading manufacturers.

We provide maintenance and service of equipment and installations.

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